People who have lost their zing mostly suppose that If they only had more sleep, their long-lost energy would return. It seems logical doesn't it? If you're exhausted, you sleep. Your sleep cures the exhaustion and you get your zing back!

But if you look at all the zing-less folk around you, this theory meets a snag. Those folks keep trying to get enough sleep. But they are unable to sleep long or well enough to see the desired result.

Our first step then, is not to be distracted by things that don't work. If we want success, we have to change how we perceive the problem, and change course to reach our goal.

In generations past, people both inside and outside of the home had a lot of physical work and activities. Therefore they were physically tired at the end of the day. In this case, sleep hit the button. Over night their muscles relaxed and their body rested.

Today, people inside and outside of the home have much, much less physical activity. They are glued to screens all day and evening. I don't have to tell you that, you already knew it. Now this is the crazy thing. Society, the media, your friends, your family will all tell you that the answer to the mental stress and tiredness is to focus on the magic of Me-time! Why? Because Me-time is a "Hard-sell". It makes the money go round. And we all also know that Me-time is usually physically inactive. It gets you focusing on "ME". When we have too much time to focus on "ME" we start to worry about our health and stress and tiredness...

YEP. We have to change our thinking if we want Zing

Don't get into worrying about decreasing your screen time. That won't work either because we all love it so much.

The best thing to do is be physically active. UH-OH! I can see you pouting now, but I don't mean working out in the gym or running 5 miles every evening. I mean just be more active. Be a do-er. The more active things you do in your daily life, the more you'll find that zing. For instance, Paint the baseboards, clean the car, walk to the shops, vacuum the carpets, do some woodwork. Instead of dragging your heels  to do something physical, get ahead of yourself. Clear up all the physical jobs you can each day. Something amazing will begin to happen. When you accomplish things in the physical, you get energy, enthusiasm and you start to feel that ZING!

And the great thing is - that if you become a do-er, not only will you see lots of lovely accomplishments to motivate you, but you'll be the right kind of tired. Your quality of sleep will improve!

When you try this for yourself, I'd love you to let me know how you get on.

DISCLAIMERGimmeeZING! is not a Medical Practitioner and does not seek to be so. If you have any concerns about your health please consult your healthcare provider.

Until next time, Ritz

Updated: 05-08-2018