I love a pot of tea, and I love fresh coffee, too, accompanied by hot milk. I like to savor those moments and  look forward to them very much every day.

You may have different food/drink rituals that give you the same pleasure in life. Many of us have more of a 'live to eat' outlook on life, rather than the 'eat to live' outlook of others. Each outlook is fine, of course!

But sometimes there comes a point, where instead of having a pleasant and relaxing ritual, the ritual has us! You will know if you've experienced that by the creeping in of certain 'symptoms':



This is when you feel that everything about your food ritual HAS to be perfect, or else your day is spoilt. If the milk isn't hot enough, the cup isn't the right one, there isn't time for the ritual today. When these small issues take on grand proportions, your Zing levels can start to become depleted.



This can often show us that we are trying to gain security from controlling all the small details of our lives in order to create security around us. This is a big Zing sapper!


Criticising and undermining 

Oh, this is a sad one. We find ourselves telling the people we love that they are doing it all wrong. We undermine and undervalue their efforts and thereby crush their confidence. We don't listen to what they say because we deem our way to be the only way.


Maybe you will find your own methods for turning your situation around, and regaining lost Zing. Or you could try using our Sure-Stepped Walkdown tool to help get back to simply relaxing and enjoying your daily treats and rituals as they should be enjoyed. You'll find details of the tool in our tab on the home page.

In my own experience, I found that making a small shift in your thinking is all that's required to get back on track.  Focus on your priorities to enjoy a food ritual for what is it - a bit of relaxing pleasure in your life. If the spoon isn't the right one, be thankful you've got a spoon! Make a note to get on with more interesting things than aiming to control everything in life. focus especially on appreciating husbands, partners, children, friends, who may be making the coffee, or the effort to help, out of their desire to be a part of your life. Don't crush them! Build them up!


Do let me know if this article has helped you, via the contact form. I love to hear from you.


I'm off to make the coffee


Until next time, Ritz

Updated: 22-09-2018