Do you get an anxious knot in your stomach during the day?


Maybe you feel confused and exhausted most of the time?


Or perhaps you spend significant amounts of your day worrying, or being afraid that whatever decisions you make will always be the wrong ones?


If you can identify with any or all of the above, you probably have a lot of fear in your life, and you can't have a healthy Zing when fear is present!



Fear is used in marketing and business all the time because it has been proven to make people panic and rush into buying things. I don't like to think of the pain and anxiety that this causes.

If we want to be free, and to allow our Zing to come back, we are going to have to change our thinking habits, putting positive, new thoughts in place of destructive fearful ones.


Here are some suggestions that can help you:


Marketing has spent billions of dollars/pounds on finding out what makes us panic buy. Don't be so wound up all the time by tuning into these subliminal messages all day. Make a time every day to relax quietly and allow yourself to think.


This is a very important one - Write down positive affirmations on a card that you can keep with you every day and read at spaced intervals. For instance:


I am so grateful for my healthy body. It works in perfect harmony to give me wonderful health”

I have deep, deep confident and peace”

I always make time to relax and quiet my mind”


Write affirmations that focus on the results you want as though you already have them. If you wrote something like “I am dealing well with my chronic fatigue and stress every day”, that would actually have your mind focusing on negative thoughts”


Affirmations are a way of making healthy thinking habits. A habit takes around 30 days to establish, so keep at it, and you soon begin to see confidence and peace replacing those negative thoughts and feelings


Until next time, Ritz


PS I am not a medical doctor and do not seek to be so. If you have any health concerns, contact your health care provider



Updated: 03-12-2018