If you haven't seen our previous "First Steps" post, I strongly recommend that you read that first, before continuing here.


We realize that physical activities like the ones I mentioned previously, are really important in regaining our zing. But what if you've tried it and it hasn't worked? What if you end up exhausted every time you try to up your activity? (Of course, if you have any concerns about your health please consult your Health Care Provider)

How is it that many years ago people like you and I were able to be very physically active without exhaustion? What is the difference now?

Today's men and women are bombarded with motivational messages from every quarter. You cannot escape the daily and hourly rev-ups that are squashing all the zing out of you and leaving you completely drained. This is what I mean. Whether from social media, TV, newspapers, magazines, "How-to" Books, billboards... It comes on your phone and your laptop from dawn to dusk. They tell you what you must think, say and be.

These are the types of mantras you'll be hearing ."I can conquer the world" "Believe in yourself!" "You are the best!" "success comes to those who pursue it the hardest".

You not only have to be the best at something - you gotta be the best in ALL things! Otherwise you'll be a nobody.

THAT is the difference between 'way back then' and today. The hype and pressure never lets up. This puts our minds under terrible mental strain. We're wound up ready to pounce all day and night. Can you imagine a wolf or a lion living in that state of readiness every minute of every day?

So, where do we go from here, if we want to have all that pep and joy of accomplishment, and better sleep at the end of a busy day?

Here is what worked for me:

Stop reading and listening to the hype. When you wake up in the morning think of a few smallish physical things you'd like to do that day. Choose especially, tasks that have a visible result to make you happy - A HAPPY-do. Don't rush at it like you want to conquer it NOW!. Take your time and enjoy the process. I suggest you don't tick these off on a schedule. The joy and contentment will come from the doing itself. The process is relaxing. Pause to look at the result in front of you. There is such a peaceful feeling when the hype has ebbed away and you're enjoying the activity itself.

Take a few days or weeks to get used to that feeling of peace.

Every achievement is reached in small, easy steps. Soon you'll let the relentless, hyped up, mantras go right over your head. They won't affect you any more, and you'll get a lot more done in your day without being shattered at the end of it.


DISCLAIMERGimmeeZING! is not a Medical Practitioner and does not seek to be so. If you have any concerns about your health please consult your healthcare provider.


Until next time, Ritz.


Updated: 05-08-2018