It can be very disheartening to work hard at weight loss but end up at square one every time. There's the excitement of losing pounds and feeling high. But the lows soon come as we regain weight or we reach that plateau.

Look around you at all the people you know who are in the same boat. They keep doing the same things to lose weight - and they keep getting the same results. You hear them say "This time I WILL do it!. I am going to win this battle". Very few can battle their entire lives and keep the weight down. It's too exhausting!

If something we are doing isn't working, we need to change what we're doing.

I came to that point. I knew that I couldn't battle anymore. I had to find an easier way to shed the pounds.

The answer for me came when I read the Healthy Diet Paradise.

The site explains the science behind nutrition and a healthy diet better than I can. I just ran with it when I discovered about the effect sugar has on the body, preventing weight-loss.

Giving sugar the heave-ho lost the weight. I really didn't have to do much more than that one thing.

If you don't have a tendency to anxiously rush and attack all fronts,  you could just go ahead. Unfortunately, I was the anxious, impetuous type.

At first, I was like a whirlwind, eliminating every trace of sugar I could find. That ended in high-stress levels and misery. I thought long and hard about how I could do this in sure, steady steps, and eliminate the stress and anxiety. The next time I tried a different approach. I called it a 'Sure-Stepped Walkdown™'.

1. Think of it like being at the top of a ladder. You feel insecure up there, dizzy, afraid, and stressed.

2. You need to step down to the safety and security of 'terra firma'. With the ground under your feet, you'll be...grounded.

3. Each rung down leads you closer to an established habit, and a result. And each rung leads you down from anxiety and stress to security and ultimate success.

4. If you step down a rung and feel a bit wobbly, go up a rung to your safe step. Try again later and you'll find you make progress. You won't have to start from the top of the ladder all over again.


Just remember that each rung down is carefully taken. You'll make one change at a time and be coming down from those scary dizzy heights at the top of the ladder.

I'll be listing the steps in my Sure-Stepped Walkdown™ in the next post, but you could begin with your own sure steps.

For instance, your first step could be to stop taking sugar in your tea. Don't be frightened. The thought is scary but the reality is much easier than you imagine. You can take a week to do this if you like. Reduce gradually and you will hardly notice the change. Just doing that could easily see the pounds drop. (I would not suggest using sweeteners or alternatives to sugar. It's best to reduce sweetness by retraining your taste buds gradually.)

Look out for the next post where I list my steps. I am thinking of you and rooting for you!


Until next time, Ritz.



DISCLAIMER: Remember, as always. My Clean Home is not a Medical Practitioner and does not intend to be so. I only write from my personal experience and observations. If you have any concerns about your health please consult your healthcare provider.




Updated: 28-08-2018