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And here is a quick reminder of how a Sure-Stepped Walkdown™ works to give you confidence and success.

1. Think of it like being at the top of a ladder. You feel insecure up there, dizzy, afraid, and stressed

2. You need to step down to the safety and security of 'terra firma'. With the ground under your feet, you'll be...grounded.

3. Each rung down leads you closer to an established habit and achieving a result. And each rung leads you down from anxiety and stress to security and ultimate success.

4. If you step down a rung and feel a bit wobbly, go up a rung to your safe step. Try again later and you'll find you make progress. You won't have to start from the top of the ladder all over again.


Just remember that each rung down is carefully taken. You'll make one change at a time and be coming down from those scary dizzy heights at the top of the ladder.


All that is left to do now is for you to choose the safe steps you'll take on your journey toward eliminating refined sugar and losing those extra pounds. Feel free to select the ones that appeal to you from my suggestions, or opt for your own. Each step may be taken at your pace. For instance, if you want to stop taking sugar in your beverages, you can do it all at once, or in stages. DO NOT TRY ALL THE STEPS AT ONCE! Just choose one or two until you feel safe and secure with them. Then move on to another one or two.



1. Stop taking sugar in your hot beverages.

2 Change from carbonated drinks, sodas or fruit juices, to water, tea (iced or black).

3. Don't sprinkle sugar on anything.

4. Jellies or jam. Replace these with sugar-free peanut butter, cheese etc., or have your toast plain, with a bit of delicious butter.

5. Make more meals from whole, unprocessed ingredients. Processed foods are often sugar-laden.

6. Eat a piece of fruit or cheese and crackers for dessert.

7. Take a carefully wrapped sandwich or snack with you when you go to the Mall or another area where there are sugary items on display. This works really well.

8. Gently and kindly let others know that you would prefer no sugar gifts or treats. Take along something sugar-free that you can eat, when visiting.

9. Try out non-sugar treats like mixed nuts with a few raisins, Cacao nibs, salted popcorn etc. Make sure you have them in the house for when you feel like a treat.

10. Exchange cakes and muffins for savory scones (Biscuits) or those sweetened with currants, raisins or sultanas. Learn to bake them. Find an English recipe. When you have tasted them warm from the oven, spread with some butter, you will love them.


You may be tempted to research and eliminate all sorts of other things from your diet - especially if you find yourself "Just looking something up" on the internet. But please DON'T! Otherwise, you'll find yourself anxious, stressed and miserable and back where you began.


Let me know how you get on with your Sure-Stepped Walkdown™. I love to hear from you. Did you find any helpful steps that I haven't listed?


Until next time, Ritz.


DISCLAIMERGimmeeZING! is not a Medical Practitioner and does not seek to be so. If you have any concerns about your health please consult your healthcare provider.

Updated: 28-08-2018