Whether you call it a closet or a wardrobe, it can always benefit from a HAPPY-Do or two.


Most of these ideas are quick, effective and inexpensive - and will help to give you a Happy day!

Begin to replace the odd hangers that get tangled together and look a mess. Find sturdy wooden ones, with a notch either side to hang skirts by their loops. Invest in a trouser hanger, and a few hangers made to give heavier jackets the support they need.

If shoes and boots get in a muddle, either purchase clear plastic shoe boxes or use the cardboard shoe boxes with lids. Label the cardboard ones if required. The great thing about both these solutions is that the boxes will stack neatly.

Hang as many clothes as you can, rather than folding, as this keeps wrinkling to a minimum.

Create a simple system that suits your personal needs and inclination:

Maybe hang items according to their length. The longest clothes to the right for example.

Or hang outfits together for ease of use

Or position the items you need more often within immediate reach


Take out the clothes that are always crammed to the back of the closet. They will have been there for a reason. Ask yourself why you don't wear them. It could be they need a quick repair with needle and cotton. Maybe they are uncomfortable or don't suit you. In that case, take them to the thrift store/charity shop. They might be the perfect color or style for someone else. If you have spent a lot of money on the item, don't feel bad about passing it on in this way. After all, you will be blessing another person with a lovely article they may never have been able to afford.

Look again at those clothes that are normally out of sight in the closet. Had you just forgotten that you have them? Why not bring them to the fore and begin to enjoy what may feel like a new purchase!

Perhaps those garments languishing in the darkest depths of the wardrobe, are not being worn for a very simple reason - you needed a cardigan to match, a scarf to soften the lines, or a plain jacket to wear with it. Take the item with you to the shop or store and resolve that right now!

Having a closet crammed with too many items can cause several problems: You can't see what you have, take items out easily, or keep them from getting crushed and creased - and it all looks a horrible mess! Give yourself permission to remove the items you know longer need, enjoy wearing or don't fit you. You'll have more space and peace in your life.


Until next time, Ritz.


Updated: 08-09-2018