Hi everyone,

If you're wondering what this is all about please read the introduction HERE

Are you ready to begin the first Blitz-clean?

Have your trash/bin bags handy... Ready? Set? GO! GO! GO!


Let's start straight away in the master bedroom. Deal with your own clothing first. If you still have energy after that, you can carry on to husband's partner's or children's items too (Checking first with hubby that he is happy with that of course). Doing it this way breaks down the job so you won't be overwhelmed, and you'll have a great result to admire, before continuing.

1. Take everything out of your closet/wardrobe and place it on the bed (and floor if necessary) Bring to that pile any coats, shoes, boots, bags from around the house. You can leave underwear or other things in their drawer to deal with afterward. Don't panic! There will be a big pile.

2. Pick out anything that you really dislike and don't enjoy wearing. Place these items quickly into either the bag to 'Throw away' or the one to 'Give away'. When each bag gets full, take it to the car, or to throw away in your usual area outside.

3. If there is anything you do like, but that needs mending, place on the sewing basket.

4. If anything needs cleaning, you'll need to take it to the cleaners before you forget. Put it in the car or by the door.

5. If anything needs laundering, take it to the washing machine, or place in the laundry hamper. At this time, if you have a full load, put on a wash as quickly as you can.

6. If there is anything you really like, but can't wear because it needs a belt, cardigan of the right shade, little jacket or a matching accessory, put them in a clearly marked bag. Make a note of what is required, and put this in the car for when you next go shopping. You'll be able to choose the right accessory and begin wearing it instead of just storing it.

OOH! Now that pile is much, much smaller.

7. Dust, wipe or vacuum inside the closet so it looks and smells fresh and clean

8. Begin to hang what is left, on decent hangers, with the hooks all facing the same direction. As you do this, make a second appraisal if it still looks cramped in there. It is important to be able to see what you have and for clothes not to be getting creased up in the crush.

9. Make sure there is room to add the clothes that will be cleaned, laundered or accessorized. If there are going to be too many, hang the clothes together as an outfit. If you have too many outfits of the same type, then pass them on to bless someone else.

10. Look over boots, belts, bags, etc and appraise them the same way. Shoes can go in clear or cardboard boxes and will stack nicely

Make a cup of tea - you've done a great job!

Now we'll go on to the drawers:

Use the same steps as above to deal with lingerie, pajamas and sundry items. Anything that needs cleaning. put ready to clean or polish. If the drawers are so full that they are creasing or tangling what's inside, then you need to cull some of those grey bras or shapeless sweaters. I can almost guarantee that you'll discover nice items that you didn't know you had because they were pushed to the back or the bottom of the drawer.

Give the drawer a vacuum or spray wipe and replace your things nicely folded.

The most important thing to remember is that TOO MANY clothes cause misery!

(You won't be able to keep up with the laundry, everything will look cluttered, you won't know what you've got - and you'll go out and buy more which will compound the problem!)

Now, enjoy the peace and feeling of accomplishment when you look in the closet and the drawers. It's a wonderful feeling. All the family will catch that peace, and you might be surprised to see how they begin to take action with their own clothes. But this isn't about being a martyr or a victim, or angry and nagging towards others. Have you ever been inspired by nagging? Me neither.

Thank you for joining in our first Blitz-clean challenge.

Please let me know how you got on.


Until next time, Ritz.






Updated: 01-11-2018