A little pre-planning can make a big difference when trying to keep the home reasonably tidy and organized over the holidays. I know you are all very busy, so here are some quick tips which may help.


If the family will be unwrapping gifts, have a trash bag/bin bag in the room beside your chair. As each gift is unwrapped, the wrappings and packaging go straight in this. “Tidy as you go”.


Prepare as much of the cooking beforehand as you can. Don't be afraid to buy a few convenience foods if that will allow you to relax a bit more.


Have hot soapy water ready and wash pots and dishes as soon as you have finished with them. That will save facing a big job when all you want to do is relax after dinner


You don't need to do a lot of housework if there are decorations to put up or there will be other mess being made. A quick vacuum and tidy will be enough before visitors arrive.


It is not a good idea to panic buy lots of rich foods. Apart from it being difficult to digest, there is usually a lot left over which you may feel obliged to eat. You'll save money for when you need it in January too!


The people we love don't want perfection, they want us! We set the tone for the festivities. If we're relaxed and unstressed, it will spread to others.


However you celebrate, I wish you peace and happiness


Until next time, Ritz


Updated: 06-12-2018