When our home is in a bit, or a lot of disorder, It's bewildering isn't it? Where on earth do I start?

Here are the two most common approaches:

1. Go in all guns blazing on a random part of the house and battle away for a couple of hours. We move the clutter to another area of the room, spray lots of chemicals about, scrub away... Then we step back and survey our progress. A fragment of the room is relatively clean and tidy. We step back a little further. The picture is now grim. The rest of the room is in turmoil and the clutter we moved is still there, just in a new, bigger pile. We feel hopeless and defeated.We may assume that WE are hopeless too.

2. Dart from task to task and room to room, picking up, throwing away, spraying our chemicals and moving piles of clutter around the house. After a couple of hours we step back a little. The result is even worse than with the first approach. There isn't even a fragment of tidyness and order to soften the blow! We announce that we hate housework and throw in the (unwashed) towel.

In both cases, there is a strong impetus to leave the house and distract ourselves, only to return for short periods of time, preferably in the hours of darkness.

That is all such hard work! Well here is our first To-Do. I don't care for the "To-Do" word personally. Part of what My Clean Home is about, is  changing our thinking about cleaning and organization. "To-do" often brings to mind an unpleasant chore or tedious task that has to be performed. So we'll call this our first "HAPPY-Do". Well, that made you laugh already!



Head for the bathroom with an empty bin bag/trash bag. In a few minutes we are going to have your bathroom tidy, organised and clean enough to enjoy a nice bubble bath or refreshing shower. Your rewards are pretty high here. 1. You'll be able to take a bath without closing your eyes. 2. The family will be able to do so too. 3. You'll know that you have all the supplies you need at hand so people won't yell at you that something's missing - like toilet-roll.

First: Quickly throw any empty bottles, loo roll cardboard inners, mangled tubes of toothpaste, litter etc. into your bin bag. Stop there and move straight onto second task. DO NOT SIDETRACK TO CLEANING THE TILES OR GROUTING.

Second: Take all dirty items of clothing, towels, face cloths, and put them straight into your laundry basket or hamper. Don't worry if it's full, just pile them on the top for now.

Third: Get a microfibre cloth wet with a bit of soapy water - can be a dreg of shampoo if you like - as long as it's quick and to hand. Simply wash round the bath tub and basin. Wipe over the tiles. (No scrubbing) Now dampen a cloth with some all-purpose cleaner and wipe around the toilet seat and sides. Quickly brush the inside of the toilet bowl with the toilet brush. This should all take no longer than ten minutes. Wipe the mirror with a little glass cleaner and dry microfibre cloth. If you don't have this just use a dampish cloth, then a dry one. (In future you are going to keep the one or two items you need for cleaning the bathroom, in the bathroom for convenience.)

Fourth: Almost there. Check that all the essential supplies are in the bathroom. Toilet roll, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, shaving items, shower gel, hand towel, face cloth.

Finally Take a pen and shopping list into the bathroom, have a look round and list anything you'll need to buy to keep that bathroom running smoothly. This means essentials - Not knick-knacks, candles, cute accessories! They will be a nightmare, cluttering up the bathroom, making it look untidy and difficult to clean. Believe me!


You have done it! Well done. 

You might have to do this for a couple of weeks to get relaxed and comfortable about it. Then you could choose to move on to some easy daily maintenance cleaning. You don't have to - If you prefer, you can carry on with the HAPPY-Do™ way for ever. Anyway, you can see that this approach is much more productive, time-saving and satisfying. You won't need to schedule this into your weeks. You can relax. Happy-do's are what we do for the entire house to get it up and running.

Your bathroom is clean and fresh and replenished. Don't look for what needs doing, just enjoy what you've done, for now.

I'd love to hear how you've done on your first HAPPY-Do. It makes me Happy too. Please drop me a line if you can.

Until next time, Ritz





Updated: 05-08-2018