One of the major problems people face in cleaning and organizing their home, is dealing with their under-confidence, and anxiety in that area.

Perhaps you thought you were the only one? In some ways, knowing that you're not, is the first step to success. Yes, it's a common malady, but one that is often mistakenly labelled as 'laziness'. From my experience and observation, this underconfidence and fear often come from childhood. As children, we believe that things we are told about ourselves, by the people who are important to us. If a parent says  to us, 'You are lazy'. 'You don't think!' etc, well, that's what we take ahead into our adult lives. Our esteem, actions and behavior are all colored by those early impressions...

... and they can be overcome by changing our thinking, and our perceptions! I expect you knew I was going to return to that subject again! It's my favorite, because it is such a powerful tool in our lives, if we will use it.

Let's take vacuuming as an example:

I used to think that the vacuum was heavy work. It made me tired just thinking about it. I would sit there thinking that I must have some kind of illness, or weak, inferior personality that made me unable to regularly vacuum. I tried to rest more, but could never sleep. So then, I felt like I must have too much anxiety to sleep! If you've not experienced this, believe me, that is what I thought for many years.

Then I began to wonder if those beliefs I had were actually true. I wondered if what I was thinking and perceiving was the problem....


I realized that I wasn't ill, weak or inferior. I had just been fed the wrong information as a child! The reason I couldn't get more rest, was that I didn't need it. I began to get up and be more active around the house. This time, when I was active, it wasn't a case of gritting my teeth and fighting against my lazy nature, or trying to be someone else. I didn't panic any more and get exhausted.

As I vacuumed the house, I began to see my energy levels, and strength gradually build. Each time I felt the old worries and beliefs coming back, I reminded myself of the truth which I had written on a little card I carried around.

Do you know, if you vacuum daily, your carpets begin to look really, really good! Daily is just my choice, but it isn't an obsession. It doesn't take long and the result is so satisfying it gives me a lot of pleasure. It makes me feel HAPPY!


Anything you'd like to do, that you have felt underconfident and anxious about, try this method. Have a little card with a few reminders to help you establish your new thinking. TRUST YOURSELF! Don't look to others to tell you who you are, or set your limitations!

This may take a little time, so be kind to yourself. And please let me know your success stories, big or small. I love good news.


Until next time, Ritz.



(Remember as always, My Clean Home is not a Medical Doctor and does not intend to be so. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult your healthcare provider)


Updated: 11-08-2018