Welcome to a shiny, new year, brimming with possibilities.

I thought it would be nice to set some mini refresh challenges for our homes. They're low-cost or no-cost so anyone can join in, or think up some of your own tailor-made for you!


Challenge 1: Embrace Color

Here in the UK we experience dark and dreary days at this time of the year, and we long for Spring to arrive. Colour can make a big difference to how we feel. But, wherever you happen to live, ringing the color changes will be uplifting and reenergizing. (I try to use both UK and US spellings so please bear with me) Have a rummage in the linen cupboard and see if you can't find any bedding or towels in colours that will brighten up your rooms. Even if you still wish to mainly stick to white towels or sheets, an added contrast of color can be very effective. A throw for the sitting-room, or across the bed, or a few bright decorator pillows or cushions maybe? In the bathroom, a pretty new bar of soap or liquid soap. Maybe a new soap-dish and toothbrush holder. It's funny how these small changes can inspire you to keep things cleaner and fresher in the home. Let's not forget ourselves. Can you find or purchase a scarf or sweater in a cheerful shade?

Challenge 2: Mini-makeover

This challenge is for one room only. If you're feeling nervous, opt for a bathroom. Take a good long look all around your chosen room. You may wish to work from left to right and top to bottom. Jot down anything that could be improved. We're not talking major works here! Do you need to remove something that should live in another area of your home? Is there a junk pile that looks unsightly? Is there anything that your eye wants to quickly skim past? When you have your notes, make a cup of tea and allow those refresh ideas to pop into your head.

Challenge 3: Through the eyes of a stranger

I love the idea of pretending to be seeing your home for the first time. Stop at the entrance first, and have a good look at what first impressions a visitor to your home would see. Probably they would notice the planter that needs cleaning, the pile of shoes in the porch etc. You are so familiar with the view that you need new eyes to see with. Write down a short list of HappyDo's and get going on that refresh.

This can turn into quite a big challenge, so try and take one area at a time. Again, we are not talking spending a lot of money. The things that make the real, obvious differences in a home are more subtle. An uncluttered room, clean and tidy, but not necessarily perfect, can be the most welcoming and relaxing room.

If you do any of these challenges, why not take before and after pictures?

Until next time, Ritz



Updated: 04-01-2019