Here's a quick HAPPY-Dowith a big reward.

Clearing counter-tops immediately makes the room look and feel clean, fresh and tidy. Let's have a 'Counter-attack'!


If you have any packets or bottles out on the counters, put them away in the cupboards. They always look unsightly.

Can you place your toaster on a small tray and slide it in the cupboard? Keep it there. It's easy to take out and put back in the mornings, as long as you are careful.

Canisters seem cute when we buy them, but if you can, put them away also. You'll begin to see how neat things are becoming already, and the counter will be a cinch to wipe over now. The canisters will stay dust-free too

Go from left to right along the counter and take away/put away all you can. Hang dishcloths and kitchen towels. Wipe draining racks and keep under the sink after use. This will mean you can wipe and dry your sink and drainer more easily.

When you've taken the clutter away, wipe around the counter-tops with a hot soapy cloth, and buff with a dry microfiber for a lovely shine.

Remember every day to keep them clear.



Until next time, Ritz

Updated: 30-09-2018