I don't know about you, but the mere glimpse of a schedule gives me a headache. Are they truly the essential tool, without which your home cleaning will fail? Nope! Schedules used as a guideline can be helpful, but if given free reign they can turn on you like a cruel taskmaster.

Remember, My Clean Home is not about promoting day-long drudgery. Very often it's fear that makes us turn to a meaty-looking schedule. We just haven't been taught the gentle yet effective methods to clean...yet!

The easiest and most fun system to clean and maintain your home, is to develop your confidence and to relax. Scheduled cleaning causes a lot of extra work. What is a much better tool is a simple 'Standard' approach. Here's what I mean:

Schedule says: Mon. polish all furniture       Standard says: Furniture is free of marks and film

Schedule says: Tues/Thurs. mop all floors       Standard says: Floors are clean and fresh

Maybe one bathroom or a bedroom hasn't got a dirty floor. It's hardly been used. It's just the kitchen that needs a mop. Or perhaps the dresser could have a damp dust with a clean cloth today, but the rest of the furniture looks fine. Why waste your time and energy doing something that doesn't need doing? 

You don't even have to write your 'Standard' down for each room. That's how easy it is. This approach will also help alleviate anxiety and perfectionism.



So to get started, don't be a slave to a schedule - BE FREE

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Until next time, Ritz




Updated: 30-07-2018