Who hates the mop? I do!

It's much quicker and easier to use microfiber cloths on those floors that you would wet-mop. You don't need that mop at all.

I have found a good link (at random, I don't earn anything for your clicking on it!), that explains the amazing properties of the humble microfiber when it comes to dealing with dirt and germs HERE

You don't need cleaners with these, really. The way I clean my floor is to use one cloth. Sweep first, then use your dampened microfibre (not sopping wet), and wipe the floor, working backwards to the door. Rinse the cloth under the faucet/tap as it gets dirty, then carry on. I have a small area of kitchen and bathroom floor. But even if you have a larger area, it's still quicker and better than wielding a wet mop. The floor dries quickly too.

Guess what? The action of wiping has a real toning effect on your stomach. Who needs the gym?


Until next time, Ritz

Updated: 31-01-2019