You know the feeling when you walk into a home that has a shine and a sparkle that shouts that someone is a NATURAL! It can be disheartening though because we just don't know what their secret is.

If you want to enjoy a clean and shining home, there is a secret that's no big secret after all!

A  microfiber cloth is the wonder tool. One of it's most brilliant uses is in preventing housework. Now that is cool!

Keep a microfiber cloth in the kitchen every day, and here's how you can save yourself a lot of time and hard cleaning.

Damp: Wipe over your cans, bottles, milk cartons, jars. etc., before putting into the fridge or cupboards

Damp: When you use jars, sauces, ketchup, milk etc, wipe them before returning them. Wipe around the tops/lids too

Damp: Wipe over the countertops and stove top as part of your dishwashing routine

Damp: Wipe the fridge door handles, microwave, unplugged toaster, and kettle

Damp: Wipe over glazed kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles while you're in that room


Dry: Wipe over the sink, draining board and faucets/taps whenever you use them. (Watermarks are prevented)

Dry: Wipe the front of the microwave, the front of the cooker and the washer/washing machine

Dry: Wipe the basin, bathtub, mirror etc in the bathroom

You'll think of other ideas too as you go along. Within a very short time, you'll have that shine. Everything will stay cleaner and won't require scrubbing or washing half as much.


The above will just take moments, but I guarantee you'll love that sparkle and shine so much, you'll be addicted.

All-in-all every one of these tiny habits will be a very satisfying HAPPY-Do™.


Until next time, Ritz


Updated: 15-08-2018