There's no way around it - if you want a clean, well-run home, you absolutely cannot have clutter! And clutter comes from excess shopping.

The woman above looks happy, doesn't she? Yet you and I both know what pain can be hidden behind the smile. For a few minutes, she is thinking of her exciting bargains and floating on the high of this heady "Retail Therapy" session

(I wonder who was the clever marketer who invented "Retail Therapy". Was it someone who wanted to bless the world with the healing therapy of shopping? Nope. We all know that "Retail Therapy" is the result of billions of pounds spent on discovering how to push our psychological buttons so that we will be hooked on buying. We'll dream about it, justify it, get angry if we can't buy something and be dissatisfied when we do.)


By the time the bags of shopping hit the floor of your house, the high has gone and cold reality kicks in.

"Where can I store this/hide this?"

"Where has the glitz and shine gone?"

"Where has the money gone"

"why don't I feel like the glamorous woman in the store posters?"

"why did I leave the house in a mess because I was running to the mall?"



I am not here to make you feel guilty or tell you that you must battle against your desire to buy stuff, but I am here to help you.


 Habitual unnecessary shopping isn't the unbreakable behavior that you might imagine! You will be shocked at how simple and kind to yourself the answer can be. I have done it, and so can you.

Because of the hype and relentless message of buy, buy, buy! we are frightened of change. The truth is, that once you change the habit, your life can be full of much more happy, satisfying and peaceful things. Things like more money for thoughtfully planned items that will be of better quality and more suitable for your needs, like much less clutter in your home so it will be easy to keep clean, like only good items in your closets so you can find them, wash them, put them away. And many more...

Many people feel very anxious and stressed about changing an established retail therapy habit. In Part Two,  I will be showing how freedom can be found in small, easy and non-stressful steps. Together, we'll be using a powerful tool called a Sure-Stepped Walkdown™. 


Until next time, Ritz


Disclaimer: My Clean Home is not a Medical Practitioner, and does not seek to be so. I am simply sharing my own experiences and observations with you. If you have any concerns about any area of your health, please consult your healthcare provider.




Updated: 28-08-2018