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Positive Thinking Works

Positive Thinking is not Wishful Thinking




One of the most vital components of success for an individual is to discover what they really want and to write it down. It doesn't work if you have a hazy idea of what you might like. That would be merely indulging in the wishful thinking that I talked about in a previous post.


What you really want is there inside you, but if you don't spend time thinking about and discovering it, it will stay 'Hazy'.


The first thoughts that we assume are “What we really want”, are often only what we think we ought to want, or things we are told everyone wants, and so we go with the flow. You have to go a little deeper to find your true desires. Now, it isn't that hard to discover your inner desires and to write them down. We can always adjust the finer details or scratch something from our written statement if we realize that our heart isn't in that particular goal after all.


So, get a pen and jot down a few ideas to begin:


Whatever you do, don't discount any idea or desire that comes to you because you think it's impossible, or you haven't the confidence, or you can't see the way to....


Write down the BIG ideas and small ideas. No one else has to see this but yourself.


Is it a beach property? It is having a de-cluttered, peaceful home? Is it a particular job or career? Is it the healing of a family estrangement? How about being slim and confident? Do you yearn to have more money to enjoy and to help your family with? Get these all on paper where you can see them.


When you have in front of you a pretty honest picture of what you really want, you are going to write it down again on a small card or on a piece of paper that you will be able to carry around with you every day. But instead of writing it in the future tense, you are going to write it down as though you already have it! Get your emotions involved. Really begin to see and feel your dream


Here's an example of what I mean:


I live in a beautiful house, overlooking the ocean. It is clean, tidy and organized. My family has lots of fun together and our lives are full of harmony. My children are successful and fulfilled in life and I am proud of them. I weight (…) pounds, have energy and feel great every day. I have my dream job as a (….) I am good at my job, and I earn (…) each month.


Well done on completing this first step towards your success and the life you really want!


Let's travel to the next step in our further posts. Until then, remember to keep your written goal with you everywhere you go, and read it to yourself at least twice a day, especially upon waking and before going to sleep at night. Do not worry or wonder about how it is going to happen. Your subconscious mind will take care of that part.


Have a wonderful day

Until next time, Ritz






Updated: 16-11-2018