It's really important to me that I can help people to change their lives by changing their thinking. I want them to experience happiness, fulfillment, and success in their everyday. I understand how it feels when you keep plugging away and nothing changes. A lot of people believe that motivation is the key to success. They can quickly burn out through excessive motivation and adrenalin. (Read my previous post)  HERE.


Anyway, on to my main point:

Positive Thinking is not the same as wishful thinking!

Wishful thinking tends to focus you on what you don't have but really wish you did. People who are wishful thinkers spend most of their time in thoughts of what they lack, and wishful thinking is a kind of day-dreaming. A brief respite from reality.


Positive thinking is ridiculed by those who have not understood how effective it is. They think it's another term for wishful thinking. And we all know that wishful thinking doesn't work. Neither does negative thinking. In fact, negative thinking can be very harmful! Think of it this way:


If you train yourself to think positively, you will begin to see all sorts of possibilities opening up in your life, You will feel more cheerful and optimistic. Other optimistic and cheerful people will want to be around you. You will try new things and feel confident and empowered.


If you go with the majority and stay in negative thinking mode, you will see obstacles and barriers that will prevent you from having success or happiness. You're more likely to feel depressed and hopeless. Other negative people will want to be around you. You will be afraid to try new things. You'll feel under-confident and a victim of circumstance.


So, if you are just starting on a journey of positive thinking, here's where you can begin.


Make the decision that you are gradually going to change your thinking and to experience all the benefits and freedom that positive thinking can bring.


Before my next post, why not make a list of all the things that you have going for you right now. Just focus on what you have and NOT what you don't have. Write down and keep that for reference. It might be very hard at first to think of anything. That's because your thoughts have mostly been negative and that's what you will see change.


Until next time, Ritz







Updated: 31-10-2018